The story about my first big project


My first job in Atlanta was as a freelance typesetter at Trousdell Design. I'd hit the studio around 6p and work 'til 2-3a.


I started on my 22nd birthday & was thrilled: It was the big time!


One night morning I'm in the studio & see a job start sheet in the trash. The client was Turner Broadcasting's Media Sales Department and the project was an invitation to the PGA Championship. I didn't know much about golf at the time, but did recall that John Daly got in the previous year's PGA at the last minute and had to drive all night to get to the tournament. He then won the whole thing, his huge huge drives off the tee being a major reason why.


So, I went home & came up with a concept. I can't remember if I went to bed, but I did shower before going in to the studio to present my concept. Tod was somewhat taken aback when he saw me during daylight hours, but was kind enough to listen. He liked it well enough to send it over with the copywriter's concepts.


The client picked mine!


Don Trousdell paired me with his son Brett to knock it out. I was on my way…